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Court Farm is split into three yards. The main upper stone yard where the competition horses are kept, the monarch lower yard which houses 5 liveries and the top yard which stables 3 staff members horses. All stables are fully rubber matted and bedded on Bedmax shavings as well as automatic drinkers.

Horse Walker

Monarch 5 horse walker. It is fully rubber matted, rotates both ways and has a variety of speeds. It can be used for general exercise, rehab and warming up and cooling down of horses.

Turn Out

We have 20 acres of land enabling each horse to have individual turn out in post and rail paddocks. Currently we have 7 individual turn out paddocks. All of these are maintained correctly so all year grazing is available.


We have a brand new custom built 4 horse Equitrek lorry with an automatic gear box. It is very light weight, easy to drive and even with a full load of four horses, hay and water the horses travel safely and comfortably.


We have a 30m x 60m sand and fibre all weather arena.

Show Jumps

A full set of wooden colour show jumps with 10 fences, plus fillers and a gate. We also have 2 skinny arrow head fences to allow the best preparation for eventing.